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The Vista Buttons add-in for Expression Web and Frontpage allows you to create powerful dropdown menu menus, directly in Expression Web, FrontPage 2000 (version 9), Microsoft FrontPage 2002 (version 10), Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 (version 11). Fully customizable appearance! Use one of the 500+ web buttons, 100 submenu designs, 6600+ icons, 50 ready-made samples, or create your own using the theme editor. With support for custom images, icons, colors, font styles, the possibilities are limitless. You'll create really nice looking website html menus and html buttons with little or no design skills at all! Create, insert, modify a website menu without leaving your favorite web development environment!

Menu, Button, and Icon Collection

Expression Web Menu provides huge collection of 1400 web buttons, 6600 icons, 300 ready-made samples, so you'll create really nice looking menus and buttons with little or nodesign skills at all! Web 2.0, Mac, iPhone, Aqua buttons, Vista, XP, transparent, round, glossy, metallic, 3d, tab menus, drop down menus will be a breeze!

Button and Icon Samples


Multilanguage User Interface (MUI)
Since the version 2.79 Expression Web Menu supports the multilanguage user interface. Expression Web Menu is translated into the numerous of languages such as: German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugues, Arabic, Polisch, Romanian, Hungarian, Bahasa Malaysia.

Using Expression Blend For Curved Buttons Padding and Spacing
Specify various values for padding and spacing for the whole menu and for each separate submenu.

Web Expression 3 Navigation Li Cost Effective
Stop paying month-to-month subscription to web image and icon collections! Don't waste your money on licenses for every new domain where you want to place the menu! Pay once, use for life, anywhere!

Frontpage Dynamic Web Template Down The Train Expression Save project. Save your image buttons as html
You can save current project in the project file (*.xwb) or into the HTML file (*.html).

You can set the size of the menu in pixels.

Integration with popular web authoring software.
Expression Web Menu integrates with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and Expression Web as an extension/add-in. Create, insert, modify a menu without leaving your favorite web design framework!

2.0 Buttons by v3.0.0

How to use Vista Buttons with FrontPage


    Vista Buttons wasn't developed as Frontpage extension,BUT you can use it as standard Javascript files. To install the menuinto your html page you should do the following things:

    1). Create and save your buttons in any temp folder using Vista Buttons application. You canuse "Save as HTML" function.

    Save Frontpage menu

    You can enter any name you like, for example enter "menu":

    Save Frontpage menu name

    So you'll have menu.html file and "menu-files" folder with all menu files.

    Generated files

    2). You can add javascript drop down menu to a single page or to many pages using Shared Borders, Include Page or Dynamic Web Template so that you won't have to add it into each page separately.


Please contact Customer Support at (please include template name in the message title)


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